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About Angel's Share

Committed to Excellence

Angel's Share Aviation LLC got its name after its bluegrass and bourbon country roots. The Angel's Share is the name given to the amount of bourbon lost to evaporation when aged in porous oak barrels dubbed the "Angel's Share." If you have ever been to central Kentucky and seen the beautiful horse farms and bourbon distilleries, the surrounding scenery is a stunning backdrop, and we are blessed to call this place home.


Founded by Donald "Donnie" Godbey, who is passionate about all things aviation and decided to bring his 13 years of professional aviation experience and expertise to the commercial drone community. As an experienced commercial pilot and part 107 operator with solid relationships within the aviation community, he brings a unique perspective to the drone world, allowing the Angel's Share team to operate safely and professionally in all operating environments.


With a small team of professional visual producers and poject managers, Angel's Share can promptly deliver what our clients need and expect. Whether it's high-quality photos and film or inspection data provided to a product team with crucial information, Angel's Share can assist effectively and efficiently. 

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